Jan 17 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 17 2014

Jan 17 2014

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Programming, Scaling and Rx’ing
We’ve had some tough WODs this week on the heels of a tough testing week last week. If you’re doing the Comp Work your legs are probably wrecked right now – They might be wrecked if you’re just doing 3 days a week!

We program for the best at the gym and if that’s too much for you we scale down. This is a basic concept of programming in CrossFit. We choose weights, movements, time domains, and skill levels all with careful thought as to what we want/need to train that day then athletes scale as needed. “We don’t need to change the stimulus just the dosing” is a common phrase old school Greg Glassmam. He was talking about the difference between training US Ski team members and soccer moms. They ALL did HSPU, MU, Oly Lifts, WODs like Helen, Fran, Murph, and more but (just like us years later) they scaled down the work for what was appropriate. This is why you almost never ever see RX+ at MTM, nor should you at any gym. What does that even really mean? “We know this workout isn’t hard enough for all of the gym” is what it says about the programming and that there was no clear goal or understanding of WHY they programmed the WOD. It is against the most basic elements of what CrossFit is.

This time of year you would not believe how many people ask the question “Is it even possible for me to start something like CrossFit?” Yes. Absolutely. Because of this basic principle of scaling.

As you move towards RX’d keep in mind that the desired stimulus of the WOD, safety of movement, and full Rep Range is more important than two letters next to your name. There will ALWAYS be WODs that you have to scale and often WODs that you should scale. At last years Regionals there was a WOD with 100 DU, 50 HSPU, 40 T2B, 30 Shoulder to Overhead and a 90′ Front Rack Lunge. I found myself talking with an old friend and coach from CrossFit Legacy about how this type of WOD is EXACTLY the type that messes up long time CrossFitters like us. Just because we CAN do every movement doesn’t mean that we should all at the same time RX’d. Why? Because the WOD is an 8-12min WOD. And the best in the world finished in that time range. For me, with 50 HSPU, it would take 20 something min – a very different type of workout than what Rich Froning did. He and I agreed that while we COULD go rx’d we SHOULD scale a WOD like that.

Teams of 2
6 Rounds

28 Walking Lunges
14 T2B
28 Walking Lunges

Split anyway – must complete the total work before starting to the next movement.

Comp Work
10 Min to Establish a Heavy Hi Hang Squat Snatch
3 Hi Hang Squat Snatches OTM for 5 Min at 80% of what you established.
1 ME set of HHSSnatch at 50% of the established weight – Touch and Go without putting the bar down or resting.

200 Double Unders for time

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