Jan 18 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 18 2012

Jan 18 2012

I can hear it already “Dude, we did overhead squats yesterday. Constantly Varied means I don’t have to do those two days in a row!”

Well, yes and no. In CrossFit we want to experience a physical (and mental) response to constantly varied modal domains (movements). But, sometimes, on the vary rare occasion we want to see how our bodies react to exactly the same movement from one day to the next. TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS. We’re going to see how a lighter OHS treats us on this WOD.

1RM Push Jerk
OC Throwdown WOD 3

4 Rounds
5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
15 Pullups

Here Andrea Ager, Kristen Clever, and Becca Voigt compete in this WOD last weekend at the OC Throwdown.

Watch more video of The OC Throwdown on sicfit.com

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