Jan 19 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 19 2012

Jan 19 2012

FREE Class today at 11AM – Come try CrossFit, no experience required, no reservations needed, just show up ready to work with an open mind. We scale all workouts to meet your fitness level.

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Athlete Interest Seminars (AIS)
Starting next week we’ll be launching our first set of Athlete Interest Seminars. These seminars will be held approximately every 2 weeks on Saturday’s at 9AM. During the seminar we’ll discuss the topic, introduce drills to build proficiency in the topic, and finally break into working groups and work those drills.

The goal of each AIS is to give you conceptual knowledge of why a movement (or topic) is done a certain way – AND – practical drills so you can start building the skill on your own. Each Seminar will be roughly 20-30 min of discussion and 20-30 min of physical practice.

1/26 – Goal Setting and the Mental Game of CrossFit.

We’ll announce specific dates for additional seminars in the next few days. Expect to see: Getting Inverted with HSPU and HS Walking, POSE Running and Endurance Training, Muscle Ups, Strongman equipment, and more!

Squat Snatch (95/65)
Pull Ups
Push Press (95/65)

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