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Jan 2 2013

Jan 2 2013

Welcome to a brand new year, Make it your best ever! Beginner’s Classes start Jan 7 at 7AM or 6:30PM, tell your friends.

Continuing our previous blog about improving in CrossFit:

2. Practice or Training: Now that you have a bunch of knowledge how do you apply it to make you better at CrossFit? First Identify your weaknesses (I suck at HSPU for example). Then identify what kind of weakness it is (more on this in a second). Finally implement a plan to work on it.

In CrossFit we work on 10 general aspects of fitness.
– Cardio Respiratory Endurance (CRE)
– Strength
– Stamina
– Flexibility
– Agility
– Coordination
– Balance
– Accuracy
– Power
– Speed

Organic aspects require TRAINING to improve. When we improve there is a physical difference in your bodies tissues that correspond to the change. Inorganic aspects require PRACTICE to get better. Combination aspects require both.

So how do we work on movements with this in mind? Lets look at two different moves: Double Unders and HSPU.

Double Unders, while being a little CRE, are mostly coordination and accuracy. It’s primarily and inorganic movement that requires PRACTICE to get better at. Now break down where and how you might meet double unders in a WOD: Long Sets, Short Sets, Fresh at the beginning of a WOD, Tired at the end of a WOD. Now we’ll set out a program to gradually work on them. It might look like this
M – 100 Double Unders Fresh before a WOD
T – Rest
W – 5 Rounds of 20 DU Tired after a WOD
R – Rest
F – 100 Double Unders Tired after a WOD
S – Rest
S – Rest
M – 5 Rounds of 20 DU Fresh Before a WOD
T – 3 Rounds of 30 DU Tired after a WOD
W – Rest
R – 2AMRAP Double Unders Fresh before a WOD
F – 2AMRAP DU Tired after a WOD.

This way we get PRACTICE with the variety of what we might meet during a WOD. Repeat the cycle 2 or 3 times and retest a couple DU WODs (like flight sim).

HSPU are more complex because the primary limiting factor is Strength and Stamina – Organic aspects that must be TRAINED to be improved. Training is more complex because we need to be careful not to over train one system. That complexity shouldn’t scare us away; we just need to be smarter about it. For our training schedule we need to include another variable to the method we used for double unders – Movement Modality. HSPU are an upper body pushing modality. We will train for Strength and Stamina in Upper Body Pushing but we can also make improvements by working the opposite modality, Upper Body Pulling. Finally one very important concept helps us finish our programming model: You can build strength or stamina in a movement at a time, if you couple them together each improvement is blunted.

So you can press a few reps heavy to build strength or press light for lots of reps to build stamina but best results come from doing them on separate days. Because of competition we train interfering movements from time to time in case they come up in competition, but here we’re looking at improving one movement as quickly as possible.
So what does a potential training schedule look like?

M – Shoulder Press 5×3 for strength – Pull Ups for Stamina
T – Rest
W – HSPU Scaled enough for 3×20 Unbroken
R – 3RM Weighted Ring Dip
F – Rest
S – HSPU Kipping Practice
S – Rest
M – 5RM Weighted Pull Up
T – 3xME Push Ups – 3×10 Wall Climbs
W – Rest
R – 3xMax HSPU
F – 3xMax Pull ups – 3RM Weighted Ring Dip
S – HSPU Kipping Practice
S – Rest

More complex with more moving parts and more opportunity for change shouldn’t scare us away. Instead it’s an opportunity for us to test our program. Do a WOD before and after the cycle, did you improve? Then tweak the program and try another cycle, did you improve more than the first cycle?

Figure out your weaknesses and talk to a coach about setting a plan to work on them. Open gym times are for everyone and you can work on anything, the programming below is a suggestion that fits with our programming.

3RM Back Squat
30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)

Open Gym – 7am, 4:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm
2K Row – Full Recovery then repeat
Squat Snatch – 10×3(75%) 5×2(85%) 5×1(90%) – OTM

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