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Jan 2 2014

Jan 2 2014

welcome to a brand new year!

January Beginner’s Classes start Monday at 7A or 5:30P – Sign Up Today!

The 2014 CrossFit Open dates were announced yesterday – Registration begins Jan 15th and the first of five WODs are announced Feb 27th.

This time of year everyone is all about making resolutions and goals. While I generally think once a year isn’t often enough I haev been reading a number of different “How-To” style posts recently. Here’s one I like:

Making Resolutions

Start with Hindsight. Before I began my list, I take a look at last year’s. To be honest, this is usually only the second time I’ll read the list (first, being when I wrote it). This year, I accomplished most things but some I didn’t. I wasn’t able to bench press 240 lbs but at least I tried…without a spotter…had to tip the weights off to keep the bar from crushing my ribcage. That’s okay. My priorities changed. If you want the same things year after year, you’re not growing.

Diversify Your List. You should have goals that are physical, spiritual, social, charitable, material and even work-related. It makes you a well rounded person. Maybe you want to lose 10 lbs. You’ll be a skinny person who sits at home if you become so obsessed that you neglect your friends. Also, don’t be embarrassed by goals. If you want to become more popular, there’s no shame in that.

Make them Quantifiable. So let’s say you want to travel more. Great. How are you going to measure that? Break your resolutions down into something that can be measured every three months. And leave a little room for error. If traveling more for you means taking five trips a year, aim for one every other month.

Force It to Happen. I’m a firm believer in burning the bridge behind you. You’ll never achieve all that you want with a safety net. I wanted to leave my job years before I actually did. But I was so concerned with protecting my nest egg that I never took the leap. Finally, I realized that I can always make back money, but I can’t make back time. The key is to figure out what’s holding you back and simply get rid of it. If it’s a job, quit. If it’s a relationship, break up. If it’s a mortgage, move. I promise you’ll figure out the next step once you get there.

Enlist Digital Help. Your friends might have some of the same goals as you, but you shouldn’t rely on them. Instead go to the internet. Want to eat healthier? Check out this Tumblr. Want to run a marathon? Like this page. Get in the habit of checking it every morning while drinking your coffee. Also, download the app called Everest to keep you accountable. I found it a few months ago because I wanted to call my mom more. Now I get a reminder three times a week to make the call. It works.

End With Something Great. No seriously. The last goal on your list should be “Do something great”. Leave it open ended. I can’t remember when I started doing this but I feel like I’ve achieved it every year. I got my dream job. I quit my dream job. I moved across the country. I raised a crazy amount of money for charity. I started my own business. I don’t mean to brag. But if your goals aren’t exceptional, how is your life supposed to be? This year, my “Something Great” is this blog. Since I started writing, readership has blown up and it’s seemed to have helped a lot of people. That’s a pretty good feeling.

From the CrossFit Mainsite

C2B Pull Ups
Clean & Jerk (135/95)
Push Up

Comp Work
1RM Snatch

3k Row – Sprint 150m, Easy 100m

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