Jan 2 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 2 2015

Jan 2 2015

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Goal Setting
It’s that time of year again. The time when everything starts new and the entire year is full of possibilities. It’s time to set some goals.

This year, however, go about this differently. Forever we’ve all seen various ways to form and write goals. Each new time we write down our goals we implement a new way so that THIS time we’ll finally accomplish them. THIS year we’ll finally reach them because they were specific, because they we’re written positively, they were attainable, they were outlandish, they were given a time domain, and so on and so on.

Each year it comes and each year it goes. Sometimes we reach our goals and often times we don’t. This year do something different that will change everything. Don’t write tangible end goals. Write behavioral goals.

Instead of “Squat 405;bs” – “Squat a program twice a week”
Instead of “lose 10lbs” – “Eat 90% of meals on plan”

Make your goals something you can control. Make them the BEHAVIORS that will get you to the places you want to go. Each day you can hit your goals – all year long.

30 Double Unders
10 Power Snatches (95/65)
10 Wallballs (20/14)

Will Start Up Next week!

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