Jan 20 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 20 2012

Jan 20 2012

Virtuosity is the act of doing the common uncommonly well. It is making an easy thing look effortless. Virtuosity is what we strive for in all movement in CrossFit. Why? Performance. Best position is the best expression of technique, is safest movement, is most efficient movement – And that gives us our BEST performance.

You should take every opportunity to reach for Virtuosity in your movement. Instead of moaning that you have to do 20 air squats in our warm up, take that time and reach for PERFECT squats. There’s no rush. We’re just warming up. So really really really do them well. Is the weight on your heels? Chest up? Are you getting below parallel? Knees out? I mean really make sure they are perfect. Don’t just blow through them as a burden that Dmac makes us do.

Will it be uncomfortable and difficult? Yes. Will you be a better CrossFitter because of it? Yes.

Today’s WOD and Warmup is going to be a little different, fun, stuff. We’re going to work on Squats, Double Unders, some Agility, Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination – and then finish with a partner WOD race.

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