Jan 20 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 20 2014

Jan 20 2014

Friday Night Lights tomorrow at 7:30P – Bring a partner! No experience needed, anyone can participate in this multiple workout amazing way to start your weekend! $10.

Beginner’s Classes>>

Learn and Play New Sports is a central tenant of CrossFit that often gets overlooked or completely forgotten in our busy lives. In fact too frequently it becomes “learn to do pull-ups better”. Yesterday I had the pleasure and the free time to go Skiing for the first time in at least 2, if not 3, years. While not technically a NEW sport for me it was something out of my normal routine.

Recently, as others have gotten out and done new things, i keep hearing “CrossFit makes everything easier.” Whether it’s Yoga, Trampoline, Soccer, Hiking, whatever it seems that MTM members try a new thing or take up an old thing and completely crush it!

(At the risk of sounding pompous) Yesterday was no different for me. I hit the slopes in the early afternoon and after 1 run down a blue “medium” level run I went all Black Diamonds – the hardest hills. I was tearing it up. No falls, very few close moments. Half way through the day I got a call from Bode Miller wanting some advice followed by Julia Mancuso tweeting at me for a date (Sorry Jules, maybe after The Open).

CrossFit makes everything easier. Today I feel fresh and recovered ready to PR. What has your fitness done for YOU lately?

[Side note: I switched to a snowboard about half way through, my very first time, and TOTALLY made it down the bunny hill with only like 3 falls!]

3 RM Push Press

4 Rounds

15 Burpees
12 Deadlifts (135/95)
9 Hang Power Snatches
3 Wall Climbs


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