Jan 21 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 21 2014

Jan 21 2014

Friday Night Lights TONIGHT! – Free Saturday WOD at 11AM Both are open to all!

What an amazing week of PRs! We had some serious signs of progress this past 6 weeks. From lifting to WODs to skill members got stronger, faster, better. But what if you didn’t? The inevitable problem with well thought out programming and quantifiable testing is that a few people won’t hit PRs – and then they get discouraged. DON’T BE! I’ve talked to a few athletes that missed PRs this week and they all have the same type of story:

“I didn’t get a PR and I’m upset about that” They say. “How much did you miss by?” I ask. “I tied my old PR and it felt easy but the i couldn’t do any more.” “How many times did you come to a Squat Monday (or whatever day)?” “I missed the last 4 out of 6 because of work.”

So what we’re really saying is that you’re upset because you MAINTAINED while missing all of the WODs designed to make you better. And how is that a FAIL?

Also, some times we just have bad days. I’ve actually repeated WODs on the same day and done significantly better. Did I get 30% fitter in the 2 hours in between? No. But I did calm down and hit my double unders more efficiently, pushed through my overhead squats, held on to the bar for just one more rep per round. I did just a little more and it turned into a “huge” PR.

As long as you show up and put in effort you are doing the right things. It might not show on the day that we test for it but don’t worry – YOU’RE GETTING BETTER.

Teams of 2

5 Rounds

30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1p)
Plate Traverse
20 Strict Pull Ups
Plate Traverse

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