Jan 22 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 22 2014

Jan 22 2014

FREE Class Saturday at 11AM No Experience required, open to everyone, come see what CrossFit is all about!

Super Bowl XLVIII and CrossFit for Sports
Knowshon Moreno (a nick name made up of half his father’s and mother’s names) was the highest drafted Running Back in the 2009 NFL Draft. A first round pick and 12th overall he was swooped up by the Denver Broncos and quickly amounted to nothing. A mediocre first season rolled into a worse 2010 season and then, as often happens in the world of high impact sports whether at the professional or even high school level, he tore his ACL and was injured for most of the 2011 season.

Knowshon looked to be on his way out. Then something amazing happened – The then 24 year old PROFESSIONAL athlete who had all his life been training with weights and plyometrics and sled pushes and tire flips at private “Sports Performance” style gyms with AstroTurf floors started doing CrossFit. Not only did CrossFit help recover his knee but strengthened his whole body beyond what he’d ever been capable of before.

Now, a season and a half after returning from injury, Knowshon has had his best season ever! Combined yardage of over 1500yds on the ground and through the air and highlighted just yesterday as The Hottest Running Back on the Free Agent Market.

Knowshon is one of dozens and dozens of Professional athletes who’ve joined thousands of former collegiate athletes who all are saying the same exact thing – “I wish I had found CrossFit SOONER, I would have been so much better!”

And Next weekend Knowshon and the Denver Broncos will take on Seattle in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Snatch Complex (For Max Weight)
2-Sec Pause Power Snatch (Pause at top of the knee)
Overhead Squat
Hang Squat Snatch (Below the Knee)

3 Rounds – Not for Time
15 Ring Rows (or ME Muscle Ups)
20 Toe 2 Bar
25 Box Jumps

Comp Work
500m Row
30 Wallballs
15 C2B Pull Ups

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