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Jan 25 2012

Jan 25 2012

How do we get better? (CrossFit Verve)

So here is a a very simple guide to getting better:

Step 1: Evaluate your goals (realistic)
Step 2: Build a routine to match those goals
Step 3: Be coachable
Step 4: Follow thru with concentrated practice (that’s what warm ups and skill work is for)
Step 5: Be a little easier on yourself. A positive outlook will get you up a mountain, while being hard on yourself never got you anywhere.

How do we get better? Is there a magic formula, pill or code to crack? Many of us wish there were, but the reality of the situation is you have to work hard at anything (insert any life skill/art here) to get better at it. Shocking revelation I know, but you would be surprised at how many of us expect we will stay fit, injury free, and even put out elite athletic performances with average effort. When you think about mastering a skill, how long do you imagine it takes? Take Tai Chi for instance, if you decided today that you wanted to be great at Tai Chi, not the best ever, but better then average, where you can hold your own and feel fluid in the movements. What do you think it would take? How much time? What type of training? A self guided DVD or your very own personal master?

3RM Shoulder Press
Wall Climbs
-1 Min Rest-
GHD Sit Ups (or WallBall Sit Ups)

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