Jan 26 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 26 2012

Jan 26 2012

Free Class TODAY at 11AM – no experience required – Show up ready to work and get some fitness!

9AM Goal Setting and the Mental side of CrossFit – for everyone.
We’re at the end of another tough week, well done all! PRs set, impressive progress being made, and your commitment is paying off!


3 Rounds
5 Wall Climbs (w/ ascending Burpees)
12 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
7 Toe 2 Bar

– You’ll do the first wall climbs followed by 1 Burpee, then the 2nd Wall Climb followed by 2 Burpees, and so on until you do your 5th Wall Climb followed by 5 Burpees. Yes, that sucks.

“WAIT!!!! Dmac, didn’t we just do a bunch of T2B and Burpees? Have you fallen and hit your head programming them 2 days in a row?” I can hear you all saying. And while my mental health is a different story all together this is not an accident. Sometimes, very very rarely, we want to see how our bodies (and minds) respond to doing the same thing one day after another. The the real world you wouldn’t drop from a cliff while shouting “I did pull ups yesterday so today I’m not going to save my life” would you?

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