Jan 27 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 27 2014

Jan 27 2014

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A quick congrats to everyone who competed at this weekends WOD Wars! And especially to all the first time competitors. Competition is integral to CrossFit, it is woven into the very fabric of what we do. That doesn’t mean that the stakes have to be high or that everyone needs to be part of a flashy event but it does mean that everyone who does CrossFit competes in some way shape or form.

It is the competition itself within CrossFIt that makes us better. That makes us push ourselves. That turns mother, fathers, sons, and daughters into Athletes. That makes us find a team of like minded people to throwdown with. That creates a community of support through the shared suffering we all endure.

You don’t have to throw your hat in the ring and sign up for an official event to experience this – it happens every time you workout – but if you do sign up for an event, just like this weekends first timers, you’ll find that you’re capable and far from alone.

High Bar Back Squats
1×6 70%
1×6 80%
1×4 90%
1×2 95%

Muscle Up (Transitions or 2x Pull Ups + 2x Push Ups)
Squat Snatch (135/95)

Comp Work – You will notice a decrease in volume and weights this week as we’re deloading slightly – don’t do extra cause you feel good, we need the rest week prior to the open starting.

12 Min for Max Weight 2-Position Power Clean (Floor then Hang at the top of the knees)
3 TaG Power Cleans OTM for 8 Min at 90% of the above (TaG = Touch and Go)

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