Jan 29 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 29 2014

Jan 29 2014

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Last week we looked at how Knowshon Moreno used CrossFit to come back from injury, have a breakout season, and find himself starting in this years Super Bowl. While I’d love to be fair and balanced team-wise the best that I could do on the Seattle side was from a few years ago – This isn’t because guys at Seattle aren’t doing CrossFit but rather because the Lockout of 2011 gave a bunch NFL players the opportunity to start CrossFit and once HQ Media covers a story they pretty much consider it done and move on.

Take another 12 min and watch that again. Here’s a long term player, who’s done everything fitness-wise and worked with the best coaches in the world, from a family of NFL players and ALL of them get results from CrossFit. All of them get fitter with CrossFit. Imagine how much better many of these guys could’ve been.

(And look at how shitty his form is, he could be so much better)

1RM Squat Clean & Jerk
30 Snatches (135/95)

Comp Work
Dude, rest already.

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