Jan 3 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 3 2012

Jan 3 2012

We had some pretty awesome performances yesterday, we also had some people just getting back into the swing of things, both are great and led me to post the topic below. First a quick up and coming:

Jan 5 – 12PM – CrossFit Competitors meeting – Planning on hitting up the 2013 Open? Get some details here.
Jan 12 – 9AM – Nutritional Challenge kick off!
Jan 19 – 2:30PM – I’m going skiing at Boston Mills, super informal but if anyone is interested in going let me know. Should be about $70 with the lift ticket and equipment rental.

Consistency and CrossFit
CrossFit is a marathon, not a sprint. Our goal is to improve our lives and prolong our decent into the decrepitude of old age. Everyone loves smashing WODs and throwing down against each other, which can lead to PRs and big gains, but sometimes we get a little too wrapped up in our performance. We can get down on ourselves when we hit a plateau or miss a PR. Of course we shouldn’t. Like any life long journey CrossFit is going to have its highs and lows. When we have a low it helps to look back at our journey through our WOD logs – you do keep a journal of all your results, right?

I started CrossFit more than 4 years ago. You are almost certainly a better CrossFitter now, even if you just started, than I was, I’ve just had a lot more time doing it than you.

I honestly don’t know the exact day but I do remember my first WOD was Helen. Outside, in the snow, I did a “400m” Run (I just guessed it was about far enough), 21 20lb Dumbbell Swings, and 12 Jumping Pull Ups to a low hanging tree branch for 3 rounds. It sucked. It was super old-school, I mean, a tree branch for pull ups…badass.

3 Years ago yesterday (1/2/2010) I had been doing CrossFit for just over a year, I had been at a proper CrossFit gym for about 4 months and I recorded some 1RMs as my 2009 starting points:

Max PU 16
Snatch 115
OHS 155
fSp 105
Clean 185
PJ 155
FS 195
BS 185
DL 315

I had 13+12 rx’d Cindy, 225 rx’d FGB, 27:36 rx’d Angie, 8:22 Fran at 75lbs, and a 115lb Grace in 6:25.

I’ve come a long way since then. 25+ Rounds of Cindy, 364 FGB, Sub 15min Angie, Sub 4min Fran, and yesterday I went 2:59 on Grace with an AXLE! My back squat is 325, I warm up with 135 Snatch, and I cleaned 205 cold to help re-rack a missed Squat just yesterday.

How did I get there? Consistency. If I’m better than you today it’s most likely not because I’m a naturally gifted athlete who’s always crushed everything. It’s because I’ve been doing CrossFit consistently for years, day in and day out, and I have to WOD journals to prove it (ok it’s a spreadsheet cause I’m a geek).

When I have a disappointing WOD (probably one with HSPUs) I look back through my previous results and really take a moment to see how far I’ve come. Then I ask a couple questions about where I want to go and how to get there.

For the most part consistency will get you there. There is value in coming in, doing work, getting better, day after day after day. One day you’ll wake up like me having awesome WOD scores and everyone of your old friends asking for fitness tips because you’ve completely transformed yourself. It starts today.

C2B Pull Ups
Deadlift (225/135)
Box Jump (30/24) – Must Step Down

Open Gym – 7a, 6:30p, 7:30p
5 Rounds:
10 Toe 2 Bar
10 Ring Dips

Bench Press – 5×3 – 80% of 3RM

12/23/2009 115lb Grace – Terrible position: Knees in, Elbows Down, and about 20lbs heavier than I am now.

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