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Jan 30 2014

Jan 30 2014

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I’ve been debating a couple of topics for today’s post, which is supposed to be nutrition related, but I can’t seem to narrow it down to just one of several that I like quite a lot – I suppose the cold weather has kept me on the internet too long!

First up: 5% Calorie Restriction & Longterm Dieting Make You Fat and Insulin Resistant.

SuppVersity is great. It’s a straight forward site that presents research and breaks it down. This article is a bit complex but the take away is this: Long term dieting slows your metabolism and leads to fat gain and insulin resistance.

Next: High Reps vs. 5×5 – Revisiting the “High(er) Reps for Fat Loss”-Myth: Do You Really Believe that “Burning” +13 Extra Calories Will Make a Difference?

This article challenges the idea that lots and lots and lots of reps “burn more fat.” They don’t, well about 13 more calories to be exact. We’re talking about heavy lifting in hypertrophic rep schemes (think 5 reps or 10 reps) with heavy weights. Perhaps the best take away is this quote:

“A brief note on what Lane already pointed out in the last installment of Body RX Radio: Classic low-intensity cardio training may “burn” calories for a week or two. Afterwards, this type of chronic low-grade stressor is yet notorious for shutting down your metabolism and reducing your resting energy expenditure. Of high intensity aerobic exercise with intensities way beyond the 70% VO2max limit (YES! This is aerobic, two – cf. “HIIT is the Hit! Even for Patients with Myocardial Infarctions!”), we have known for decades that it increases your resting energy expenditure by “5 ±15% for 24 ± 48 h” (Hunter. 1998). So, I suggest you get off the stationary bike you are just riding while browsing the web, get your running shoes out and do a couple of sprints. Your spare tire won’t like that, but I bet you will like the effect it’s going to have on the person you see in the mirror, each morning ;-)”

Sum Up – Jogging makes you fat if you do it for more than a couple weeks. Sprints makes you fit and lean.

About Squatting: The Basement and Why You Should Be There More Often.

Here Josh Bunch, from Practice CrossFit, talks about why a lifetime of partial reps and poor mechanical moving (ie: using leg machines during his body and figure show days) left him with destroyed knees and how FULL ass-to-grass squatting has helped to repair them. Highlights: “Today, since I decided to live in the basement instead of hang out on the first floor, I can squat. My knees still ache and remind me of how moronic leg presses and hack squat machines are, but they no longer feel like they’re going to explode on the next rep.” – Some things we do are not reversible but rather manageable.

And Finally a great prespective on women getting strong: Keeping Women Down

“weak men absolutely demand that a woman stays weak as well. Demanding that a woman not have muscle or get strong is implying that you as a man need to exert dominance over the women in question and if you cannot exert that dominance, then she is unattractive to you. Does this sound like a strong man to you?”

I suggest you read and fully understand each of those…you’ll see why I couldn’t make up my mind.

Push Press – % of 3RM
1×6 85%
1×4 90%
1×4 95%
1×2 100

Ladder (3s, 6s, 9s, etc.)

Front Squat (115/75)
C2B Pull Ups
Box Jump (24/20)

Comp Work
Flight Simulator

5->50->5 Double Unders by 5s with unbroken sets.

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