Jan 5 2016 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 5 2016

Jan 5 2016

AMAZING start to the year! Lots of deadlift PRs, packed gym all day, and a strong start for everyone!

Do you find yourself rewriting the same resolutions every single year? Something like:

    Exercise more
    Eat better
    More Family Time
    Better Relationships
    Do more for others
    Get out of debt
    and so on…

And yet, each January you write down those same things again hoping that THIS YEAR is THE YEAR you’ll actually do it?

Like everyone I’ve gone through the same pattern, had the same challenges, and rewritten the same resolutions before. But, each year we learn something.

In the interesting NPR article “We’ve Got Resolutions All Wrong” published this a few days ago they talk about this concept that frankly “Willpower doesn’t work”.

I couldn’t agree more. If it did everyone would be debt-free, fit, and happy. Unfortunately the world is kind of out to get you, sorry. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me saying it’s cool to be all “Whoa is me, the world is out to get me so I need this donuts.” Not at all. It’s what we do with this information that is extremely important.

Think of it like this: Our environment shapes our behaviors which leads to our end state (whether your goals become your reality or just another year dreaming of where you wish you were).

If you constantly hang around people who like carbs and beer then you’ll probably consume carbs and beer. That’s cool and all but don’t come crying to me the next morning wondering why the scale is up. “But Dave, I couldn’t resist once I was out,” is something I hear all too commonly. Solution: don’t go out. Change the environment.

Now, I’m not saying that everything needs to be all black and white and get some new friends who don’t go out. But start thinking about how your environment shapes the things you do. Is your credit card saved on amazon? Sure makes those impulse purchases easy doesn’t it? So then you stay in debt buying things you don’t really need. Always drive past starbucks on the way to work so you stop and get a [insert your barely coffee sugar drink here, with whip!]? It’s so convenient that there happens to be a starbucks there right? Like they did research and planned it that way, right? So that you’ll stop there.

Solution: Take your cards off of websites to limit impulse buying so you can save more money and pay down debt. Drive a different way to work so you don’t pass the Starbucks.

Make your environment work for you and shape your behaviors.

Next Steps: Write down some goals, if you already have start to rework them. Do it like this:

Goal -> Behavior -> Environment

Goal: I’ll pay down $1000 of credit card debt by July 1 2016
Behavior: Save $200 extra each month
Environment: CCs off amazon, Coffee at Home, Jar every $5 bill

So the actual actions you take are the 3rd row, environment. You make it harder to impulse buy, you make coffee at home and you put every $5 bill you come across into a jar instead of carrying it around till you spend it. End of each month you’ve got more money and you pay more to your Credit Card and shocker 5 Months later you’ve reached your goal…instead of “Ok, how about by Dec 1st!”

How are you going to change your environment to reach your goals?

3 Rounds
40 Wallballs (20/14)
40 Sit Ups
40 KBS (1.5/1p)
40 Double Unders

Before you ask…No, we’re not skateboarding. Get to the actual mobility section. Notice right at 2:37 in the video “Femur inline with the body push to the side” This is where most of us get this wrong. We’re just not squared up enough to really get the benefit we’re looking for. Let’s stop being lazy.

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