Jan 6 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 6 2012

Jan 6 2012

Yesterday’s WOD was a real mental challenge. Arms were completely spent after 100 Hand-Release Push Ups causing a vast majority of athletes to miss their first shoulder-to-overhead. Scott, Myles, Seth, Jeramy, Stephanie, and Jon all went Rx.d and gutted through the Clean and Jerks. Especially well done were Hanna and Beth who, after initial doubt about their ability to finish with the weight they started with, both gathered it up and powered through the final 10 reps with steadily improving form – Nice Work!

1RM Power Clean
5 to 25 Burpees
25 to 5 Pull Ups

In this WOD the Burpees increase each round by 5 and the Pull Ups decrease by 5 each Round.

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