Jan 6 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 6 2014

Jan 6 2014

Welcome to a brand new training cycle! This post is going to cover both the normal gym cycle and the comp cycle (down below) so probably a little long…

This is a testing week!

We’ll be hitting a testing WOD the first 4 days and then take a break with a fun partner WOD on Friday. Come in and establish baselines!

The main focus of our work these next 8 weeks will be:
– Squatting Strength
– Pressing Strength
– Olympic Power Movements for reps
– C2B Pull Ups / Muscle Ups
(No it doesn’t mean that’s all we’re working on its just the meat of what we’ll be doing.)

This cycle is all about leading up to The Open – which if you haven’t seen and don’t know what it is just check here. Should YOU do The Open? That’s really a question you have to figure out yourself. I can tell you that I’ll be doing The Open this year with very different expectations than I have every other Open. I’m just doing it to have fun and push myself against everyone else at the gym. I have no delusions about qualifying for Regionals or winning The Games – CrossFit competition is BIG TIME now and I certainly haven’t made the sacrifice over the last year to be ready to compete. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to register and do the WODs to the best of my ability.

If you want to register and do the WODs, great! If you want to do the WODs without registering that’s fine too! Either way you’ll be as ready as you can be because of the oncoming training cycle.

1RM Back Squat
“Open 13.4”

3 Clean & Jerk (135/95)
3 Toe 2 Bar
6 Clean & Jerk (135/95)
6 Toe 2 Bar
9 Clean & Jerk (135/95)
9 Toe 2 Bar
12 Clean & Jerk (135/95)
12 Toe 2 Bar
…+3 till time runs out.

Scaling will be offered for Men to go Women’s Weight and for Women to go 65lbs (or whatever is appropriate).

Comp Work
(Below is directed towards people using the comp work to prep for The Open. Let me clarify a few things: Open gym is for anyone to work on anything – but – random isn’t great. If you see a movement or set of movements listed in the comp work for the day but you want to change the reps or load or do a movement similar that’s great! However, it’s probably a bad idea to work heavy squats or cleans or do a WOD that just looks fun without consulting me – that WOD or lift could be TOMORROW’S WOD. I know a lot of you want to improve your squats so comp work will have a 2nd day of squatting, thursday, so wait till then. More rest is better than less rest between heavy lifts so friday if thursday doesn’t work for you. As lots of you look towards the new year to lose weight or change body comp remember that more work in the gym isn’t always, in fact rarely, the answer. Come see Dmac with questions.)

If you are doing this work you intend to make a real effort at The Open. First and Foremost you have to look at this list of movements:

– Burpees (bar facing and to a target)
– Double Unders
– Wall Balls
– Muscle Ups
– Snatches
– Thrusters
– Chest to Bar Pull Ups
– Toe 2 Bar
– Box Jumps
– Squat Cleans
– Push Ups (Hand Release)

If you simply CANNOT do one of those (like you’ve never gotten a muscle up or you have to do a single jump between each double) then that is your primary focus before The Open. Spending time getting strong and fast only to trip on every 3rd double under on your way to 100 in the first open wod is absolutely pointless. Today’s WOD is a great example: can’t do a T2B, your score is 3 after spending six and a half minutes trying. Come see me if you need a plan to fix one of these movements.

Next up is the actual Comp Work cycle: We’ll be working leg strength along with gymnastics and gassing movements and combinations. Volume and Purpose in this programming is specifically tailored to our gym. You’ll see some new movements and some volume adjusting – basically we’ll be adding one WOD per week till the week before the open. What does that look like? This week will be pretty basic then next week along with the usual lifts and OTM skill work you’ll see something that strangely looks and feels like a WOD, because it is. The week after that they’ll be 2 of those and so on until every day has a 2nd conditioning piece IN ADDITION TO THE NORMAL GYM WODS. “Wow Dmac that seems pretty tough” Yeah, go re-read the top part about CrossFit competition not being a joke anymore and then re-read how this comp training is for people making a serious run at Regionals.

Lots of this work is on your own. I’m sorry for that. I’d love to have a gym with a dedicated competition program, which none of the area gyms have, but we simply don’t have the ability to do that right now. Make sure you stick to the program and push through the soreness. DO NOT skip a condition piece. If at the start of The Open you find that you’ve only really done like 40% of this work don’t be shocked that you don’t do as well as you hoped. It’s ok. But seriously: people take this competition seriously and prepare accordingly – if you expect to place in the top 250 for our region and especially if you want to make Regionals then you must put the work in.

The Work
2RM Hang Snatch – 10min to establish
Then – 3 Hang Snatches at 85% of the double OTM for 5 min.

Half Flight Sim
Double Unders
Each Set must be unbroken and you must stop between sets.
Rest 5 Min and Repeat. *if this is no big deal for you do it in whatever shoes you never do double unders in – OLY shoes, Vibrams, barefoot, Heals (Mark), whatever to make it harder and mess up your jumping.*

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