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Jan 6 2016

Jan 6 2016

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Goal Setting – Making goals that work for you.

Yesterday we talked about changing our environments to influence our behaviors to help us reach our goals. But, what should your goals be? How should they be structured? And are they even the right goals to have?

Here’s a basic primer:

2 Types of goal setting – We see two main types of goal setting. One is the “SMART” goal. We’ve all seen them, you can google a million sites talking about them and how to write them. They all sound something like “I lose 20lbs of body fat by Jan 1 2017.” (Or even more new age “I am so happy and excited to lose 20lbs of body fat by Jan 1 2017.”

The other type is the extremely open ended and purposely vague – “I do something everyday to get better”.

Neither one is right or wrong but for the last several years I’ve done something a little bit different.

Make the behavior the goal. (Or Make the Action the goal).

So if my desired outcome is “lose 20lbs of body fat by 2017” the goal is “workout 5 times a week and stick to my nutrition plan, with 90% adherence”.

This method combines the best of both worlds above. It gives me daily actions to do, it leads me to a specific end state but it doesn’t make that end state some far off fantasy. It also creates the conditions by which I’ll hit that end state (diet and exercise, instead of say surgery).

CrossFit Goals

One thing that can be confusing is how to pair different goals to your desired end state. If you want to look a particular way that really doesn’t have anything to do with your weight on a scale. How do you know that 185lbs is the exact weight that you need to be to look exactly how you want? Why not 182lbs? or 187lbs?

The same is true with CrossFit related goals. Lifting more is great and having more lean muscle tissue from lifting will help you burn fat off. But the fastest way to lift more is to get bigger overall. Is that what you really wanted? Likewise the best way to get better at pullups is to stop eating all together…is that really what you meant when you said “I want 10 pullups?” Of course it isn’t.

Some guidelines:
Lifting goals
– do them as a percentage of body weight. I want to squat 2x bodyweight. I want to have a bodyweight 10RM front squat. Before you make them take a look at some world records and do the math out. “I want to deadlift 4x my bodyweight” puts me in world record territory…so it’s not all that realistic.

WOD Goals – WOD goals are great for leaning down. But we need to make sure that we choose the right WODs for that. King Kong, not a great wod to lean down to. Helen, Cindy, Jackie, Annie, and others are great measures of HIGH Intensity fitness. But the same caveat applies from above – check out some world record scores and see if it’s worth doing. If you’ve got a sub 5m “Annie” score but only 10 Rounds of “Cindy” you really don’t need to work on “Annie” at all.

Balance is the key with CrossFit performance goals. Try to pick a variety of Lifting/WOD/Cardio/Skill goals that meet the short/medium/long and light/medium/heavy domains.

What are you working on?

Gymnastics Complex
Tabata Hollow Rocks

4 Rounds – NFT
10 Strict T2B
10 Strict Dips
60s HS Hold

Death By

Squat Snatch (135/95)
Lateral Burpee

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