Jan 7 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 7 2014

Jan 7 2014

Awesome work by everyone yesterday! It’s been a pretty rough start to the new year with tough weather and even tougher workouts. Just about everyone was feeling it in their legs yesterday when they came in, including me, and despite the occasional complaint everyone buckled down and got with the program. This is what gets us results. This is what gets us to our goals. Great Job!

Gymnastics Strength
3 Rounds – Not for Time
5 Skin-the-Cats
10 Strict Dips
60s HS Hold

14 OTM (On The Minute)
5 Shuttle Sprtins
2 Broad Jump Lengths
1 Bear Crawl

**Complete the work within a Minute and rest till the top of the next Minute**

3 x ME Muscle Ups – 120s Rest Between Efforts. (True Max Effort, don’t hold back)

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