Jan 8 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 8 2014

Jan 8 2014

Another testing day down another tough WOD in the books. Yesterday’s WOD had a little bit of everything in it: Breathing, Strength, Stamina, Skill – which is both why we did it and why the retest will be so valuable.

An updated set of Rules have been published for The Open this year. Major Changes are:

– WODs will be announced Thursday night and must be Submitted by Monday night. This is a shift by one day from last year.
– Athletes who make the Regional cut will be required submit at least one video of a complete Open WOD which will be verified by CrossFit HQ prior to Regional Invitations being sent out.
– Masters have a “Regional-like” Phase after The Open where the Top 200 from each division will complete and video 4 additional WODs and submit them – like an extension of The Open.
– Teams will be more closely checked and scrutinized that all the athletes actually work out at the same location.
– Drug testing, in addition to the previous Regional and Games testing, can now be done at random to any athlete at any time for any reason throughout the year.

Here’s my take on the changes:

I’ve always hated the length and submission window of The Open. The first one in 2011 was supposed to be 6 weeks and was pushed to 7 weeks – wow, was that LONG! I’m in favor of seeing 6 scored challenges over 3 weeks. Ideally with one week being 2 WODs to do at any time in any order, one week being a WOD and lift done together with specific rest, and the final being 2 WODs with specific rest between the two. Six data points but done over a shorter time frame because 5 weeks of stress and anxiety is really really long. Not just the stress but top athletes and many many others tend to travel at least a little during a 5 weeks time frame making completing the WODs tough – i bet this is why they shifted the window a day.

Video submission for Regional Qualifiers is not perfect but its a step in the right direction. Last year two athletes got booted for submitting TOP scores that were inaccurate. Just imagine how many 20th-40th placed Regional competitors are skating the line of cheating – especially with so many brand new affiliates who simply don’t have the years of experience judging and upholding standards like the rest of us do. Good move.

Masters needed this a long time ago. Jerry missed The Games last year by 1 spot. That hurts but it’s even worse because Jerry is a very skill and technique athlete – none of which are tested in The Open which focuses on easy-to-judge broadly inclusive high volume MetCons. If this had been in place last year I know Jerry would’ve had a trip to California.

Teams: While “super” teams might be a bit of a problem and the explosion of CrossFit gyms has diffused talent geographically this isn’t the problem with teams. Athletes should have to declare Team or Individual at the start of The Open. This way Team spots aren’t taken up by teams who qualified based on 2 or 3 start athletes, who were always going individually, then show up at Regionals basically without the ability to even do the WODs at regionals. Last year the Rope Climb/Squat Clean WOD was dangerous for some teams because those athletes didn’t qualify their teams for the show and shouldn’t have been put in that situation.

Drug testing is spot on and they should’ve done it sooner. Coaches and competitors have been talking for years about how poor the testing standards are because you could theoretically cycle 3 or 4 times between competition and the test they give there. Steroids aren’t CrossFit. Period. And now they’ve moved closer to making sure it’s clean. That said, CrossFit has to find out about these suspected athletes somehow so you’re likely to see less “Look how awesomely strong I got over the last 4 weeks without fixing my form!” style videos from athletes that bring up suspicion.

What do you think about the changes?

3RM Power Snatch


3 Rounds – Not For Time

ME Muscle Ups (or Pull Ups)
25 Box Jumps (30, 24 – Step Down)
10 Unbroken KB Snatches (AHAP)

Comp Work
Rest. Tomorrow starts the additional Squatting for the Comp Side.

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