Jan 9 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 9 2012

Jan 9 2012

Last week saw some great performances: Myles, Scott, Mary Ellen, Drew, Jon, Stephanie and Amy all hit 1RM Power Clean PR’s while Michelle, Hannah, Nissa, and Jenna set first time records on Friday. “Nate” and “Annie” were on the agenda along with a punishing combination of Burpees/Pullups and the Main Site Deadlift/Hang Power Snatch/Overhead Squat. Finally thursday saw some truely inspiring performances when the 1K Row and 100 Push ups left everyone’s arms useless on the final 10 Clean & Jerks. Dispite the difficulty and initial moments of doubt everyone gathered it up, focused on form, and finished the WOD strong.

45 Days till the CrossFit Open. Let’s keep it going!

3 RM Deadlift
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups

After tearing her hand’s at the New England Regional Mel Ockerby missed the qualifying for the Games by 1 Spot. She went on to help her Affiliate Team win in LA and provided one of the most memorable moments at the 2011 Games – hear the crowd counting each rep? Epic.

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