Juen 4 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Juen 4 2013

Juen 4 2013

Awesome gym PRs set yesterday: 96 Through the door in one day, a PR by 8 over a month ago, and We nudged past the 150 member mark with the successful launch of our first MTM Corporate Program!

Thanks to everyone who came in and gave it their all in a tough WOD yesterday! And a special thanks to all of the Coaches at MTM for their tireless work!

A note about class size: As the gym grows and classes get bigger I appreciate everyone working together to make the space and equipment work. For the most part classes yesterday were of a pretty normal size (8-15). The 6:30p however was 22 people and it was a little crowded.

A couple things to keep in mind that will help: MWF will always be a little more crowded than TR because of people who are wodding 3x a week. If you can make the 11a, 4:30p, or 5:30p on MWF please consider doing so to help. WRF are lighter days attendance wise than MT so consider shifting your WOD and Rest days to hit more of the end of the week than the beginning.

As specific days and times consistently average more than 15 athletes we will be scheduling 2 coaches for the class – so that everyone gets attention during WODs. Our goal is no greater than 15 to 1 during a WOD. It won’t be perfect but we’ll do our best to keep that ratio.

strong>T-Shirt Pre-Order we’ll be ordering the next set of t-shirts this week. This pre-order will be up till Friday June 7th.

Tanks are now an option to pre-order. If we don’t get enough interest in a particular color that you’ve chosen we’ll let you know before we cut it from our order.

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High Bar Back Squat

2 Rounds
Wallballs (20/14)
Box Jumps (30/24)
Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1p)
90s AMRAPs/30S Rest

Comp Work
HBBS – 3×5(80)2×5(85)
Hang Pclean & Pjerk – 10×3(90)

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