Jul 2 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jul 2 2014

Jul 2 2014

Tons of PRs over the last two days! Even though we haven’t been aggressively chasing strength gains we keep getting stronger and faster. This is the real awesomeness of CrossFit: sometimes we lift a lot and try to get strong, sometimes we do a lot of longer met-cons but each type helps the other. We improve all across the board instead of just one area at a time. No wonder everyone is copying CrossFit these days!

Jerry’s Fundraiser goes down Friday at 10AM. $20 donation is appreciated to workout (payable onsite in cash, check or charge). You’re welcome to just stop by to show your support!

Gymnastics Strength
2 Rounds
10 Skin-the-Cats (Slow and Controlled)
60s Nose and Toes Hand Stand Hold

400m Run
Sit Ups

Oly Work

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