July 10 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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July 10 2013

July 10 2013

Yesterday was a pretty impressive day in the gym! I didn’t get an official PR count but of the 74 athletes that lifted it looks like more than 90% of you hit a 1RM Power Clean PR. 90%! Looks like this stuff works!

On to a question I’ve been meaning to answer: People ask me all the time “how do I get better?” and “why am I not getting better as fast as so and so that I started with?” These two questions are really one and the same.

The obvious first response is PRACTICE. Think about it – how often do you really practice crossfit movements? And be honest. Did you do 3 gymnastics kips and drop down cause you were tired? Doesn’t really count as practice, sorry. The best CrossFitters got that way not by adding crushing workout after workout to their daily routines but rather by adding in extra practice. Percentage-based lifting, OTM sub-maximal lifting, consistent technique work every week.

I once did 4 weeks of Kettlebell Snatch Practice. Every Wednesday. First week it was 3×15 with 1 pood. Then 3×20 and so on. It was not fun, it was not varied, it was not about CRUSHING IT, it was about practicing enough reps at a light weight. Light weight is key! I can struggle through 3×15 at 2 pood but that’s not the point. The point is to practice perfectly. Which brings me to an extremely important point:

PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT – if you practice with poor technique you’ll have to unlearn it, which is harder than learning it fresh.

The not so obvious second response I give is LEARN. Be ravenous for information about how to do these movements. Did you know that there are several different ways to snatch depending on your goal? Completely different ways if you are going for reps or for 1RM? If you can’t say you FULLY understand how to do a whatever then how are you possibly going to improve on it? You should have a list of places you look and things you read in your spare time. These should include at least:

journal.crossfit.com ($25 a year, a year! not a typo. HQ videos from forever ago about everything)
mobilitywod.com (hey how do I stretch my, fix my, get a better position in…? Answered.)
gymnasticswod.com (what’s the progression for…? Answered.)
The Outlaw Way (Rudy’s trained LOTS of games athletes – disclaimer below)
MDUSA Youtube page (Pendlay is a legend in Oly)
Cal Strength Youtube (Pendlay’s old gym)

When you’re watching and reading learn to be objective. Get over the fact that Rich crushes everything and ask yourself why? How did he move differently in that workout. Both strategy AND actual movement in reps. Yes it’s impressive and that’s great but YOU can learn by watching what he does, figuring out why, and practicing it that way.

**Outlaw Way Disclaimer** – Rudy at Outlaw is probably a genius when it comes to competitive exercising ie. “The Sport of Fitness”. The information he presents and where he pulls his knowledge from are spot on and can be very helpful to you. I revamped my entire programming paradigm with concepts from him. That said: The Outlaw Way program is for potential games athletes. It is extremely intense. Read the FAQ he explains how you probably suck at moving and there for won’t do well and/or get hurt doing his program. If you are trying to get fit and lose a few pounds outlaw IS NOT FOR YOU. (period.).

If you’re considering a run at 2014 Regionals or the 2015/16 Games then realize that this type of volume and workload is what is now required. And yes, that is the time frame you should be looking at – the games in 2 or 3 years.

If all of that sounds like too much for you – that’s fine! Just come in and be consistent. When you’ve got time watch a couple youtube videos like these:

this one starts a little loud

Alternating OTM

6 Mins
30 Double Unders

-Rest 1 Min-

6 Mins
200m Row
10 Pistols

– Rest 1 Min –

6 Mins
10 KB Snatches
10 Ring Rows

wow, this post ended up long. Lets go lift something!

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