July 21 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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July 21 2014

July 21 2014

Beginner’s Classes start TODAY! We still have a few spots left at 7AM and 6:30PM – come start your journey today!

The week has finally arrived – Jerry is out in California ready to compete, the WODs have been released, and he’s received all this gear. Good Luck!


The USAW National Championships was held this past weekend and we saw some pretty amazing stuff go down! The battle for medals in the 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, and 94kg Men’s divisions was super intense with Records falling all over the place. Perhaps most epic was the battle brewing in the 94kg/204lb class where Norik Vardanian set a new American Snatch Record with 168kg/370lbs but then missed all of his Clean&Jerks. That set up a battle between 5 time National Champion Kendrick Farris and first time Senior Competitor D’Angelo Osorio. Both would push each other for higher and higher final lifts which they both missed giving the win to Colin Burns – literally out of no where due to his consistency.

Derrick Johnson set a new American Snatch and Overall Total record in the 62kg/136lb Class but was completely overshadowed by CJ Cummings 153kg/336lb American Record C&J…At 14 years old. Not a typo. CJ Started and still lifts at a CrossFit gym.

The CrossFit influence could be felt far and wide at the event. Just about every class had mention of a lifter starting out in CrossFit or still being a CrossFitter. Many if not all of the future of the sport found it by way of CrossFit which even led to come, extremely, frustrating delays and crashes of the live internet feed – because the USAW is not used to 10,000 people trying to watch a Weightlifting event. You’re welcome guys.

Today, lifting will come after the WOD.


8 Front Rack Lunges (95/65)
200m Run
8 Bar over Burpees
200m Run
8 Atomic Sit Ups (45/25)

– Rest 5 Min –

8×3 Front Squat (65%)

Oly wk4/d1
8×3 Back Squat (72.5%)
5×3 BTN push press (Heavier than last week)
5×3 Snatch Balance (+5lbs over last week)
3×5 Stiff Leg Dead Lift (100% of 1RM Clean)

**As a side note: our Oly Template is built off a combination of Texas Method and Juggernaut Training Systems templates. Texas Method is what Pendlay uses for his MDUSA lifters and JTS is what Colin Burns, the new 94kg National Champion, trains with. Yes, it might seem boring at times but we’re really on week 3 – we had 1 wk of testing to start – of 16 wks in this cycle. Be patient and consistent.**

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