July 22 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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July 22 2013

July 22 2013

The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games start this week with the Master’s Competition running Monday to Thursday and the Individual and Team events running Friday/Saturday/Sunday. The entire competition season comes down to this weekend. Check Games.CrossFit.com for updates about events and times.

Friday: The final Friday event will be announced at 6PM EST. After the last class of the day we’ll set up the projector and grab a couple beers to watch as much as everyone is interested in. The Schedule has all the Women then Men going with the final heat of Women moved right to the end then the final heat of Men. That starts at 11pm EST which we may or may not still be around for.

Saturday: There will be NO 10AM WOD. After the 11AM Free Class we’ll fire up the projector and cookout. We’ll be just in time for the Men’s Clean & Jerk Ladder – which should be pretty exciting. If the Team Squat/Burpee gets boring we’ll watch old Games coverage to fill the time. This event will cover as our 2yr Anniversary party as well. Instead of coming back next weekend and doing it all over.

Finally: Did you notice on the schedule that the first Friday WOD at the Soccer Stadium is NOT “Naughty Nancy” as has been reported for the past week? It’s an unknown WOD that must either be short OR have the entire field working at the same time because the event windows are just 45min long.

High Bar Back Squat – % of Last Monday’s 1RM
1×10 – 60%
1×8 – 65%
1×8 – 70%
1×5 – 75%

Front Squat – % of 1RM
4×5 – 60%
If you don’t know your 1RM use 50% of your 1RM HBBS

6 Rounds
10 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1p)
5 Burpees

Comp Work
We’ll be taking a week off Comp Work to adjust to the Hatch Squatting Program. If you have extra time use that to mobilize, roll out, recover, etc.

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