July 22 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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July 22 2014

July 22 2014

Jerry Wilson Games Watch!

Today marks the start of the 2014 CrossFit Games Masters Competition. Coverage of events will be on the Games Site and on ESPN3.

Jerry will compete in A Deadlift Ladder, Handstand Walk for Distance, Sled Drag for time, and a 5 Round WOD of 400m Runs and 2 Rope Climbs today. Click this link for a full list and description of events.

1:15PM – Deadlift Ladder
3:15PM – Handstand Walk/Sled Drag
7:15PM – Rope Run

Jerry’s Number is 508.

60 Push Ups
50 KBS (1.5/1p)
40 Squats
30 Pull Ups
20 Handstand Push Ups
30 Pull Ups
40 Squats
50 KBS (1.5/1p)
60 Push Ups

Oly W4/D2
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using the Oly Template and Open Gym times to reach various goals. In a nutshell:

– If you want to be the best Oly Lifter you can be: Do ALL of the work, each day, hard and Maybe do 1 CF WOD (under 12 Min) a week.
– Build Muscle and Put on Size: Do Monday, Tuesday, Friday of the Oly along with 2 WODs (Prob Monday, Wednesday – Thursday is a rest day) and make sure you Eat and Eat.
– Get better at Oly Technique: Tuesday, Thursday along with 3-5 WODs a week.
– A specific goal of building, cutting, technique, or competition prep: Come see me and we’ll put something together for you.

Just yesterday Chad Weasley Smith from JTS was on Barbell Shrugged, our template is moderately based on some of his stuff, and a lot of the conversation was about people jumping from program to program. Getting stronger and learning the Competition Lifts takes time. This program is 17 wks long. That’s 4 Months. We are almost 1 month into it. Stick to the template and do the work each day. Trust the program and your work.

Regardless of which path you’re taking prioritize this work ahead of wodding – Not that it has to be done first but like yesterday you should have done the back squats from the Oly and Skipped the WOD front squats. If you’re trying to build muscle then you really can’t do the long fun looking WODs like today’s – it won’t help reach your goals. If you’re trying to build technique you should be watching videos and probably coming to Sunday Open Gyms to work one-on-one with coaches.

8x 2-P Squat Snatch (75% – Hi Hang then Hang)
8x 2-P Power Clean + 2 Push Jerks (75% – Hi Hang then Hang, Both Cleans then Both Jerks)

3×10 Back Extensions Weighted
3×10 Curls (Not a joke, do some DB curls, don’t use momentum)
3×10 KB Flags

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