July 23 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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July 23 2012

July 23 2012

After our first day of the new Hatch Cycle it’s pretty clear – MTM athletes LOVE squats! Well don’t you worry, we’ll be squatting every Monday. As for Tuesday’s…We’ll be alternating between Olympic Lifts for Strength and Technique. I highly suggest attending these days. Especially the technique days like today.

CrossFit HQ released more games info last night during a LIVE announcement. The individual events will start Wednesday again this year with a 10 Round 50yd Pool Swim and Bar Muscle Up WOD. Followed by a Half Marathon Row (21,097m) that has a score for fastest to 21,097m and first to 2K. All of these events will broadcast on ESPN3 live on Wednesday – certainly NOTHING will be more exciting than 100+ athletes rowing for about an hour and a half!

5×3 3-Positions 3 Pause Power Snatches OTM(ish)
Power Snatch from Vert, High Hang, and Hang for 5 Rounds. Each PSnatch will be preceded by a 3-position pausing deadlift stopping at 2″ off the ground, the top of the knee and the bottom of the dip. Then the bar will descend back down to which ever pull height the attempt is being made at and Power Snatched. Obviously we can alter the movement or pull based as needed on fatigue and tweaks. This is about working on bar path.

“2012 Games Track Triplet”

200m Run
– Then –
3 Rounds
8 Split Snatches (115/75)
7 Bar Muscle Ups
400m Run

13-Min Cap

Today’s WOD will have a significant amount of scaling. Bar Muscle Ups will be scaled to Pull Ups and Push Ups (7 and 7). If you aren’t going rx’d on the bMU then you will also be doing POWER Snatches instead of Split Snatches. The Official event didn’t have a 200m run start but they ran the competitors from the other side of the track prior hence the 200m run.

Starts 4:00 in

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