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July 24 2013

July 24 2013

Friday night, post 7:30p WOD, we’ll be firing up the projector and grabbing some beers to watch the evening’s Games events. Saturday there will be a Free class only followed by potluck/cookout and watch party. Free Class starts at 11AM as always and the cookout will kick off immediately following.

I’ve been mulling over this article for a day or two trying to decided what I think about it.

Two letters that hold so much currency in Crossfit.


Prescribed standard.

If I don’t Rx it means I’m not a real crossfitter

If I don’t Rx everyone will think I am soft.

I will just suffer through it, I’ll compromise my form and mechanics to get those two letters beside my name.

If __________ (fill in the blank of role model in gym) is doing it, than I have to too.

Rx’ing workouts is the best way to get better as a crossfitter

Any of these sound familiar? I know these thoughts have run through my head more than once…

And of course we’ve all seen it , the athlete (sometimes us) who brutally slogs through a workout compromising technique and form, cutting corners, skipping reps, just to get those 2 letters beside their name.

The ultmiate pitfall of the Rx Fallacy is a gym whose culture is driven by these 2 letters. The praised are not those who strive to move well but instead those who do whatever it takes, sacrifice at all costs, to acquire that sacred Rx.

I’ll be honest. I could care less about ‘Rx’.
As I think back to all of the pieces of the puzzle that have contribued to my development in this sport, Rx’ing workouts is nowhere on the list. There are however, a handful of practices that I see as exponentially more valuable than those two letters, here’s what has worked for me:

Finish every last rep, regardless of your time or placing
practice ‘intentional perfection’
write down each WOD and strength workout and your results
go to that “dark place”
study mobility WOD
foam roll
lacrosse ball
sleep 8 hours a night
eat breakfast (preferably healthy)
show up early and get a great warmup
eat well (whatever this needs to look like and mean to you)
work one on one with a gymnastics coach
study gymnastics WOD
learn proper gymnastics movement progressions
work one on one with an olympic lifting coach
check out Spencer Arnold’s Olympic Lifting Blog
PR your snatch
PR your Clean and Jerk
set SMART goals and write them down!
take an active recovery day
learn burpee mechanics and “skill transfer”
cheer on the athletes better than you
cheer on the newest athletes in the gym
film yourself practicing your weaknesses
know all of your gym’s members names, use them!
practice squatting with vertical torso, hitting full bottom, and activating stretch reflect bounce out of bottom
high five the new person at the gym

At the end of the day there is tremendous value in having a prescribed standard for measuring progress and performance across the board. Rx allows athletes to gauge their success against others in their gym, and around the world.

It is our responsibility, as athletes, to make the distinction between a gauge of performance, and putting ourselves in the optimum environment to improve.
Sometimes Rx is the perfect formula. Other times creating that optimum environment will mean checking your (and everyone else’s) ego at the door.

Finally, the list above is meant to be a starting point, not conclusive. What has been your biggest key to success? Please share below with a comment so that others can learn from your experience!

Basically, I hate the title and premise. I think that there are some inherit problems with how CrossFit WODs are scored and the competitive aspects of CrossFit which lead to an article being focused like this one.

Take this into consideration: You’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over a year. When you started you couldn’t do a pullup rx’d and couldn’t do a Thruster at rx’d weight. You get to the gym and warm up for Fran – your 4th time doing it and 2nd time going rx’d. You don’t PR and you lose on the board to 3 guys you just beat yesterday during Cindy.

Based on our usual measure of a success or failure – this workout was a failure. But, was it really? And isn’t the progress you made over the last year worth the occasional quantifiable disappointment? If you were on the elliptical still or at a step-areobics class you wouldn’t have made that year of gains and you STILL wouldn’t know how capable you are – BUT, you wouldn’t be disappointed by what you don’t know.

The list is a pretty good one – the article should be about getting to RX’d.

25 Double Unders
8 Strict Toe 2 Bar

8 Ring Dips
25 Air Squats

Going down from 11A to 1:15P on ESPN3 (The Trace!) Today.

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