July 31 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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July 31 2012

July 31 2012

Everyone did a great job pulling 2RM Hang Power Cleans yesterday. When Coach Burgner talks about Olympic Lifting he breaks it down into it’s most basic parts – Jumping and Landing – AND – being Fast And Strong. To lift heavy weight you need to be both fast and strong. If you’re already FAST, get Stronger. If you’re STRONG, get FAST. Which are you now? Which do you need to work on? Think about that next time you lift.

Many of you watched Miranda Oldroyd (http://youtu.be/Myl4ONhNawc) do interviews online throughout The CrossFit Games this past month. Turns out, she did it with a broken neck – From CrossFit is Dangerous??? And How it Very Literally Saved My Life.

For years I have said that CrossFit has changed my life! I have said over and over again that it SAVED my life because of how it changed me as a person and brought such a passion back into my days.

Well, now I can say it LITERALLY…

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6 Rounds
400m Run
12 Pull Ups

Coaches Challenge: Do 4 Bar MU in place of the Pull Ups

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