July 7 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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July 7 2014

July 7 2014

Beginner’s Classes start Today at 7A and 6:30P. Don’t wait, come start your journey!

Great quote from Games competitor Jeremy Kinnick:

Something I’ve noticed over the years. Those who are worried about form and technique need to increase intensity. Those who are worried about intensity need to focus more on form and technique. Those who are worried about over training need to train more. And those whose over train need a rest day.


Deadlifts are the most basic lift we can preform. It’s just picking stuff up off the ground. Right? Why then don’t we perform them all that often and we almost never lift a 1RM? Deadlifts are a lot like running. Everyone assumes that they can run, you just place one foot in front of the other as fast as you can for as long as you’re required to. Would it surprise you to learn that 80% of runners are injured every year? That running injuries are 10x more prevalent than CrossFit injuries? Why? Because running with good technique is really tough, most people don’t do it and then they get hurt.

Deadlifts are the same way. We have to set up differently and pull the bar differently depending on our levers. We have to keep our low back tight without hyper extending it. Think about that for a moment: if you set up on the bar and crank you low back as tight as you can into extension you might as well be rounding in the lift.

Finally, a true maximal deadlift takes close to 3 weeks to recover fully from. Read that again, it’s not a typo. To ensure that you don’t hurt yourself we have to scale our programming after we hit a 1RM so that we aren’t pulling from the floor too much. This is why we don’t 1RM deadlift more than twice a year. Why no one needs to pull maximal often.

That said, half the year is over and it’s time to rip some heavy weight off the floor!

When you get set up, do so from the top. Stand as though you’re already holding the bar. Squeeze, tighten, and screw to create a strong neutral spine and position. Lower into position as though you’re lowering the bar. In the bottom position the bar should be directly under the shoulder blades. For some people your shins will be nearly vertical for others their knees will be far in front of the bar as though they’re about to clean. Good set up is essential to safety in this lift. Ask and listen to your coaches today.

1RM Deadlift

Half Cindy Scorned

5 Strict Pull Ups
10 Hand Release Push Ups
15 Jump Squats

Oly Wk 2
5×3 3-Position Snatch (65%)
5×3 BTN Push Press (Heavy)
5×3 Snatch Balance (Light – Technique)

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