July 8 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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July 8 2014

July 8 2014

What an amazing day we had yesterday! Just about everyone PR’d their deadlift which goes to show that we can make big gains in deadlifts without doing them very often. It’s through our work in Olympic Lifts that we build speed, strength, and power that translate to pulling big weights off the floor.

For those of you who haven’t heard Matt Chan, 5-times Games Competitor and Level 1 Trainer, had a mountain biking accident over the holiday weekend. In Chan’s words:

Well, I was celebrating Independence Day with Cherie on the West Mag trails near Nederland. Somewhere on Hobbit3 I popped over a downed tree at moderate speed. As I hit the other side, my bar crossed and dug into the ground. My groin took the other end of this impact. After 2-3 minutes of extremely unsettled rolling around on the trail, I stopped to look at the lump inside my bike shorts… Which was bigger than usual. It was clear that I hit either a vein or an artery, as a liter and a half of blood had already accumulated. Couldn’t stand, couldn’t walk, couldn’t straighten my leg. A rescue performed by Boulder, Nederland, and Flight For Life agencies got me to St. Anthony’s Central, a Level1 trauma hospital. Immediate surgery to repairs large severed femoral veins and 3 fasciaotomies to relieve pressure and I’m ok. One inch down and I would have severed my femoral artery and wouldn’t be typing this. Thanks for all well wishing, prayers, and love. I’m doing pretty good. I have a boat load of staples after the repair of the veins and a ton more coming to close up the fasciaotomies. Thank you to everyone who helped evacuate me from the trail. Love you all!

Head over to his Instagram for updates (and some potentially disturbing pictures of his fasciaotomies, really if you don’t like blood and surgery type things it’s probably best to skip it). I’m sure everyone at MTM will be hoping and praying for his speedy recovery.

Wall Ball Sit Up (20/14)
Walking Lunge
– Rest 60s –

Single Arm KB Push Press (1.5/1p Total Reps – Alternate However)
– Rest 60s –

Double Unders
Row (Calories)
– Rest 60s –

Oly Wk 2/Day 2
5×3 Sotts Press (moderate)
3×10 Back Extensions (weighted)
5×3 Hang Power Clean (65%)

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