Jun 17 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jun 17 2014

Jun 17 2014

Awesome Job by everyone yesterday coping with some pretty unpredictable weather and large classes. As usual we made it work!

Do you read Suppversity?

Suppversity is a site, and fb page, that brings together a bunch of scientific articles related to fitness and tries to boil them down so that the average Joe can get the most out of the real research going on. Often you really need to read the article, read a supporting article, re-read the original and then pick out the important lessons to get the FULL meat of what’s being said – but if you do it’ll benefit you HUGE.

Just yesterday they published this article “Natural BB Contest Coverage 2.0: 26-week Contest Prep”

Overview: A 26yr old Male followed a Body Building diet and exercise routine for 26 weeks and lost nearly 30lbs of Fat while maintaining his Lean Body Mass. Finishing out at just under 8% Body Fat the athlete did his show and got a Professional qualification (which is a big deal in the Body Building world). Important Side Note: This was a “Natural” Body Builder – which means drug tested shows and no steroids/cutters/juicing/etc.

When you look through the protocol of what this athlete did some things start to jump out. And this is basically how I read every article on this site asking myself “what’s unique, what is there to learn?”

His diet consists of 5 days of 250g Protein, 240g Carb, and 70g Fat – then 2 High Carb Days with 250g Protein and 400g Carb and just 65g Fat. Wow, looks pretty familiar to those of us who came to the Nutrition lecture a few months back…

Then the real jewel in this article: “Macro Nutrient Intake was within 5g on all values each day” and “Weight loss was very linear with .58kg loss per week”

WHOA. Read that again, and again. This is what the entire article is really really about. Consistency. For 6 Months this athlete kept a STRICT diet. He didn’t just blow it up 2 weeks in when he had only lost 2 pounds. He stuck to the plan. That is a LONG time to be dieting and strict. But it works.

What this study shows is that it doesn’t take fancy foods or meal timing or “one weird trick!” It just takes consistency and discipline. Consider that next time you’re reaching for a doughnut while saying “I really want abs for the summer”

1RM Power Clean
[Warm Up: 3×3-Position Hang Power Clean (Hi-Hang, Hang, Floor)

100 Burpees

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