Jun 20 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Jun 20 2013

Jun 20 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM – no experience needed, come see what CrossFit is all about!

An update on ordered items: T-shirts will be in by next Wednesday, I’m hopeful to be able to pull the pre-orders out and have them ready to pick up Thursday along with non-pre-ordered shirts available for purchase Thursday. We’re expecting a shipment of Jump Ropes to come today and be on sale at the gym tomorrow. T-shirts are $25, Jump Ropes are $15.

Progenex – typically I have not endorsed a specific series or products nor sold them at the gym – I tend to think that the gym is a place to focus on training and coaching alone. However, I absolutely agree that elements extending beyond your WOD effect your performance and so the time has come to talk a little about supplements.

I’ll be writing a complete and detailed “What Dmac uses” supplement guide soon. Till then I’m recommending the Progenex line. I’m actively using their Recovery, Cocoon, and Omega+ products. I’ve used the Recovery post-workout shake for several months across multiple periods and the Omega+ since my surgery. Flat out I believe the Omega+ is the best anti-inflammatory “fish oil” (it’s actually Krill Oil) I’ve ever used – I am holding it responsible in no small part to my speedy and relatively easy recovery.

Here’s the rub: Progenex is expensive. If you’re just getting into CrossFit you should be using a post-workout protein shake but you probably don’t need the highest-end shake that CrossFit Games athletes use. To help with the cost I’ve established a discount code with them. You get 10% off if you use “MTMCF” which will at least cover the shipping cost. If there is enough interest I’ll put together a bulk order so we can save even more.

3RM Weighted Pull Up (We’re breaking in some new equipment for this today – if you’re on a band then you’re on a band, everyone starts somewhere!)

Hang Squat Clean (95/65)
Pull Up

Comp Work
P Press 2×3(90)2×3(95)2×3(100)
3-P C&J 7×1(80)

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