June 18 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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June 18 2012

June 18 2012

Congrats to everyone who participated in the Canton Marathon this weekend! No fewer than 2 dozen MTM Athletes competed at the inaugural event.

PFay Ray (Rachel) finished her 2nd FULL Marathon in a PR of 4:04:11! Awesome job PFay!

MTM Team Results:
27th: 3:45:11 – MTM CrossFit – Beth, Dmac, Chris, Jeni, Roxy
48th: 3:55:54 – MTM CF – Kristie, Mary Ellen, Steph, Tammy, Jon
65th: 4:03:03 – MTM CrossFit 4 – Jen, Trey, John, Carmen, Matt
105th: 4:22:25 – MTMCF – Jinka, Melissa, Tianna, Rich, Kim

Additionally Kathie, Jenna, Rod and Brandy all ran relay legs on other teams. Well done everyone! In the near future we’ll have signups for the Akron Marathon Relays in September for those who are interested!

2RM Push Press
2 Attempts for Max Reps/time:
Pull Ups
HandStand Push Ups

C/O – 50 GHDs for time

Today will be working a little different than a normal WOD. We have a little bit of work to do above but the main purpose of today is to spend time PRACTICING. Today’s your opportunity to work on whatever gymnastics weaknessess you have.

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