June 19 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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June 19 2013

June 19 2013

Yesterday was my first WOD back in 13 and a half weeks – it was rough: 25:39. I was completely gassed 3 rounds in and still had 3 more to go. What was the goal? Keep moving and finish the WOD. Whether you are just starting out, coming back from vacation, or returning from injury the ONLY thing that is important is to keep moving forward.

Be consistent. Be relentless. Be a finisher.

You don’t have to win, in fact you flat out won’t win for a long time, you just have to keep moving forward by showing up and putting in the work. Be smart and scale when needed. And let the results come to you slowly. Better tomorrow than today.

Note: below the WOD is MTM Corporate Programming. If you come to 7A, 12N, 7:30P you’ll be doing that WOD with our corporate members.

5×2 OTM
2-Position Snatch (Hang and Hi-Hang)

1 Wall Climb
1 Power Snatch (95/65)
2 WC
2 P SN
…+1 and 1 ascending ladder

MTM Corporate – 7A, 12N, 7:30P
7×1 Hang Power Snatch – OTM

7 Rounds
20 Double Unders
5 Power Snatches

Comp Work
Midline Stability:
3xME Nose and Toes Wall Facing Hold
3xME L-Sit Hold
3×25 Back Extensions

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