June 21 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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June 21 2013

June 21 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM – Great time to come see what CrossFit is like before starting Beginner’s Classes on July 1st!

America’s birthday, on the 4th, is quickly approaching. In addition to the YMCA 2 and 5 Mile races starting at 8AM several of us have been discussing what to do at the gym. Almost certainly there will be a WOD, maybe around 10:30. There will also be an eating contest (Pizza and beer seems to be pulling ahead at the moment) and maybe also a cookout.

If you have ideas or want to informally signup for the eating contest (Ike) please mention something at the gym.

“2012 Regional Team WOD 1”
Running Partner Diane

Run 800m
2 Rounds
20 Partner Deadlifts (455/315)
Run 800m

This will be a significantly augmented version of the first 2012 team wod. Obviously we’re adding running to the start and end. This will also be a Partner wod instead of 2 guys and 2 girls, then 2 rounds instead of the peak version. We may very well run into several places where this WOD needs to be changed a little.

Don’t stress about it – if we need to set up separate bars, change the reps, or whatever we’ll do it. Fridays are about fun. HEAVY FUN.

MTM Corporate
Partner Diane

2 Rounds

Comp Work
F Squat 2×3(90)2×3(95)2×3(100)
3-P Psnatch 7×1(80)

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