June 28 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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June 28 2012

June 28 2012


– Tomorrow is the Paleo Challenge Benchmark WOD repeat.
– Saturday there will be no Free Class at 11AM. For those of you who are doing the Paleo Challenge we’ll be re-testing body fat at 8AM.
– I will collect your log books Saturday at 8AM.
– Out of the Box WOD at portage lakes at 10AM Saturday followed by a cook out hosted by our friends at CrossFit Utility. Some more details have been posted about the WOD have been posted – From Doug Price at Utility “The swimming will be scalable. There is an option to swim where you can still touch and those who are not strong swimmers will be encouraged to take that route. Cody and I will be on kayaks in the water with life jackets. Beach run, swim, body weight movements; pretty basic wod.”

1RM Snatch

WOD – Optional
3 Rounds
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
200m Run

The last few days have been extremely taxing metabolically. Therefore we’ll be focusing the vast majority of time on Snatching technique and hitting a new 1RM PR. If you’ve missed a or two this week then you can do the optional WOD.

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