June 7 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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June 7 2012

June 7 2012

Amazing effort put in by ALL MTM athletes yesterday. I am continually motivated by your hard work and dedication!

Muscle-Ups are very difficult. (Period). They require both high levels of strength AND skill. Most people scalled down to muscle-up transitions yesterday to start to learn the technique and build the skill. This is where the real progress of CrossFit lives. Day-to-day putting in work on something that is not extremely impressive looking but builds the foundation of complex and difficult movement.

Yesterday Caleb got his first (and then an additional 10-ish) Muscle-up. Great Job!

Caleb is a great example that one day you’re walking around just a guy who is putting in the work with no “gold stars” and very little recognition of the small acheivements. LIttle by little it builds up and then – BOOM – Muscle Ups, praise, Facebook pictures and people crying and chearing and a Reebok Contract and then you beat Rich Fronning at the games and you meet the President and Humanity elects you to be the first Human to meet alien life forms and then you save Humanity from the enivitable Zombie Apolocalypse that the aliens bring with them… All by working on scalled muscle ups and keeping sight on the little victories day-in and day-out. And you can save the world.

Speaking of saving the world: CrossFit for Hope TOMORROW at 5:30pm. Be there.

1RM Turkish Get Up

Partner WOD

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