Mar 1 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 1 2014

Mar 1 2014

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The Open and Perspective
It’s really easy to get caught up in the competition of The Open and forget a couple majorly important ideas: It’s supposed to be fun and it doesn’t really matter.

CrossFit can be hard, we all know that and it’s why many of us do it, so there’s no reason to make it harder by not having fun with it. If you get all caught up in who won this WOD or where you’re sitting on the leaderboard or that the WOD has double unders in it and you hate double unders you’re sucking the FUN out of the WOD. With very few exceptions you should show up, throwdown as hard as you can, register your score, and cheer for everyone else.

No Whining, complaining, worrying over where you are or that so and so beat you. And NO repeating. Unless your rope came apart and the weights fell off the bar a couple more reps isn’t really important…why?

Because the open doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of CrossFit. Ok, Ok, if you’re sitting between 30th and 60th then The Open is very important. But if you’re either in the top 30 or bellow 60th then congratulations you don’t need to worry about how you do on each WOD. Just like you don’t need to worry about how many reps Jason Khalipa got…because he’s in a different region and The Open is really only about our region (which is why you DO have to worry about Froning who got 444 reps).

So, keep a level head on your shoulders, come in, show up, throwdown and have fun. Then cheer everyone else on.

Most importantly notice the little accomplishments: Court and Sandy both started the WOD with double under PRs – 12 and 30 respectively. Tom did his 1st RX’d workout with double unders. That’s awesome, that’s why we do The Open.

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