Mar 10 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 10 2014

Mar 10 2014

We had an amazing showing again this weekend at Friday Night Lights, The Open, and our 11AM Free Class! The weather is breaking and the word is spreading!

Honesty is the single most important characteristic to a person’s success, longevity, and happiness in CrossFit. Are you honest with your CrossFit? I hear it all the time and I frequently ask questions to individual athletes that are thinly disguised about their honesty.

We come to the questions a bunch of different ways: “I’m not making much progress” “I should be better at this movement” “My diet is good” they all say.

Why do you think your progress is stalled? “I don’t know maybe CrossFit just doesn’t work for me?” How often have you been in in the last 3 months? “Well I’ve been here 3 times this week after taking a week off and I was sick the week before which I got from my kids who kept me out the week before that…so I’ve been in 15 times” So you haven’t made much progress by CrossFitting 15 out of a possible 36 times? Does a 42% effort really seem like giving it your all?

“I should be better at double unders” you say to me. Ok, how often do you work on them? “All the time, every single day.” Ok, how long each day and how often do you ask a coach for help? How many youtube videos have you watched, progressions have you tried and such? “well at least 30s a day and I’ve never looked for additional help”

“My diet is spot on” you might say. Well what did you eat last week? Write it down. “Here it is, no cheat meals” OK, how much did you eat? “I don’t know I can’t weigh and measure it.” Well then how can we possibly know if your diet is good?

Each of these scenarios and a million more happen because athletes are inherently dishonest to themselves and then to their coaches. It’s not huge lies. It’s ok to focus on just one aspect of your progress or a movement or your diet while letting the others slide. But if you are not HONEST with yourself over the true amount of effort you’ve put towards reaching your goals you will fail and you will leave CrossFit.

Maybe you don’t want to put that effort in. That’s fine too. I don’t want to put effort into certain aspects of my training and when they come up and I don’t do as well as I would’ve liked I always take a moment, privately, and honestly ask myself why I didn’t do as well. I’m focusing on lifting and being strong right now so even though my C2B Pullups are better than average they’re not super good because I haven’t worked on them in 3 months. It stings but it’s the truth.

3×10 65%

Deadlift (185/115)
Hand Release Push Ups
Double Unders (x2)

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