Mar 15 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 15 2013

Mar 15 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM – Come find out what CrossFit is all about, no experience needed, free to ALL every Saturday!

If you have your nutrition challenge notebooks please turn them in, accepted through Monday then we’ll have winners announced.

A few notes about The Open, Competition, and CrossFit –

Most of the time Competition brings out the best in us. We’ve seen 1RM PR’s in the Snatch (Favorite Quote on 13.1 was from J-How “well that was worth the $20 right there.”). We’ve seen 1RMs put up 2 or 5 or 11 or 15 times. We’ve seen athletes push themselves mentally and physically to be the best they can be. This is the point of competition, it’s also inherit to CrossFit everyday you walk into the gym.

However, competition can also bring out the worst in people. This isn’t exclusive to CrossFit at all. As the competition heats up athletes put more pressure on themselves, judges get watched more closely, and teammates and fans put more pressure on everyone involved.

This is simply NOT ok at MTM CrossFit. At most we’re competing for a chance at Regionals. Not The Games, Not a Sponsorship, Not a Scholarship. A Chance to PAY to travel to Columbus, stay several nights, and workout in the same giant room as a bunch of other good (and some great) CrossFitters.

Keep it in perspective:
– The judge’s say is FINAL. If you aren’t a Coach at MTM you shouldn’t be yelling at a competitor anything other than cheers of encouragement. If you think a judge made a mistake with Reps or Standards mention it to a Coach – Reps will not change after the WOD, Standards will be clarified.
– Cheer from a moderate distance. Do NOT get between a judge and their athlete, you should cheer from the side, not on the floor with the athlete giving them and the judge extra pressure.
– If you’re not comfortable judging, DON’t. Especially don’t judge someone competing in The Open.
– As an athlete your score is whatever the judge gave you. If you have a dispute bring it up with a Coach and we’ll sort it out right there. If others think you got reps you didn’t deserve it doesn’t matter. They weren’t your judge. They didn’t see what your judge saw. There is NO instant replay in CrossFit. There is NO “look at this angle I caught were it looks like they didn’t open all the way.”
– You’re doing this for FUN and for COMMUNITY, not for a stress related ulcer.

HAVE FUN, it’s the only thing The Open is really about!

Teams of 2
5 Rounds
50 Double Unders
25 Pull Ups

Split the work anyway – 1 working at a time.

7A and 6:30P will be joined by Beginners.

Custom Leaderboards are now up on the Games Site

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