Mar 18 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 18 2014

Mar 18 2014

Friday Night Lights going down at 7:30P this Friday! Bring a partner and attack your weekend before it starts!

The 2014 Nutrition Spring Clean Up

On April 5th at 9AM We’ll be launching the 2014 Nutrition Spring Clean Up with an informational seminar and a 6 week nutrition clean up challenge. Till then we’re going to announce 1 Tip a week for 3 weeks that you can make today to jump start your success.

Tip #1: Add a Post Workout Protein Shake within 30min of every workout
When we train, our muscles breakdown. When our bodies rebuild those muscles we get stronger and we use energy (calories) which is why resistance training is so good at creating the bodyfat changes we’re looking for. This natural breakdown and rebuilding cycle is why you get sore and why you get better.

After workout there is a small window, between 30 and 45 minutes, where we can get a jump on that rebuilding cycle by giving our body what it needs: Protein and Carbs.

Most studies show that 20-30g of Protein is all that you need post workout to get the maximum regenerative benefits. While ingesting more than that isn’t at all bad it just doesn’t get absorbed into your body within that time window.

Carbs help release insulin which delivers the protein to our muscles to help this process. This piece has a lot of confusion around it recently because of all the low-carb diets going around. If you were drinking a protein shake at just any time of day not immediately post-workout then low-carb is just fine. But, if you’re looking to improve muscle mass and definition adding in Carbs with your PWO shake only, up to 2x Carbs to Protein, will help.

As long as you’re getting the protein in it’s fine to go with meat/chicken/fish – but if you’re anything like me a shake is the easiest. There are TONS of different PWO options available and you don’t have to limit yourself to shakes. Whey is the most common and cheapest but can get down into grass-fed hydrolyzed whey and cost a lot. Lots of Games Athletes use Progenex, which isn’t to say that it’s the best since they’re also a Games sponsor. For most people there is a balance between cost-taste-effectiveness that takes a little time playing around with.

If you’re not currently using a PWO Shake then starting off with a basic Whey Protein (Optimum Nutrition makes a solid Chocolate Whey Protein literally called Gold Standard and can be picked up at Vitamin Shoppe in Belden) is going to be a good start.

Add a Post Workout Protein Shake within 30min of every workout.

OTM for 6 Min
Power Snatch (135/95 – Moderate Weight – Touch and Go)

400m Run
4 Muscle Ups (12 Pull Ups/12 Ring Dips)

We’ll sub rowing for the morning classes if it’s too cold

Intermediate WOD – 7A and 5:30P
5×3 Power Snatch (For Technique)

200m Run
4 Pull Ups
4 Shoulder to Overhead (65/45)

Comp Work
16 OTM Alternating

2 Power Clean and Push Jerk (Heavy)
20s L-sit hold

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