Mar 20 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 20 2013

Mar 20 2013

Open WOD 13.3 drops tonight at 8PM. Just like last week Nate will be doing it right about then when it drops. Come show your support!

10 OTM
1 Clean DL
1 Hang Power Clean (just above knees) + Front Squat (no foot reset)
1 Hi Hang Squat Clean

3 Rounds – Not For Time
20 Burpees (TaG – Touch and Go)
ME Muscle Ups – or 10 Transitions/Attempts
100 Double Unders (Time Each attempt)

The Burpees should be as fast as possible.

Muscle ups will be a Max Effort set (as many as possible unbroken) or 10 transitions or attempts. They’re coming in The Open and TODAY is the day to practice them.

Double Unders will be your score today – 3 separate times. If 100 is a BIG set for you then we’ll use 3 sets of some lower number but it will be double unders that you’re doing today – not attempts, not 3x singles. Maybe you’ve never done one before, come in and get one! Now is your chance.

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