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Mar 20 2013

Mar 20 2013

Free Kipping Muscle Up Video on the CrossFit Journal today…foreshadowing?

Movement Standards, Integrity, and CrossFit
24hrs ago Josh Golden was sitting on the top of the Nor Cal Region and 3rd in the World in the Open. By last night he was disqualified from making regionals and his affiliate lost their ability to further validate scores for any athlete during this season.

Here’s the video that made that happen:

4 Specific things were wrong: He snatches the first rep of the STO, he doesn’t lock out, other reps don’t retouch his shoulders, his knees and hips don’t open on the Box Jump.

CrossFit HQ is absolutely right to punish Golden and his affiliate in the manor they did. First, if we take the WOD out of context just by the video alone it’s clear that Golden is trying to shorten the reps in the shoulder to overhead. His box jumps are mostly no-reps (same thing with the athlete behind him). When we put it in context, that Golden did this workout twice, that he’s a Coach and has taken the CF-L1 where you learn these movements, that the guy behind him was moving just as poorly, and even the Affiliates Games Site Cover Photo is of terrible form. We see an even deeper and more troubling picture.

This is not a rant about a guy in another region. This is actually about you.

When you come in everyday do you strive to hit great position? Do you squat, press, throw, pull all the way on each and every rep? Did you do each and every rep? Not just when someone because someone was watching but because YOU are watching. Have that integrity. Have that responsibility. Have the humility to push against yourself and no one else. To not except less from yourself because you want to win.

[Keep in mind that for most beginners certain moves will PURPOSEFULLY be shortened. Lower Box, Banded Pull Ups, Squats not to depth – because you’re a beginner and just starting on your journey in CrossFit. That’s fine, more than fine it’s right to keep you pushing the limits within your abilities. But, just because you’re on a band doesn’t mean pull ups are to nose-level for you…]

1k Row
75 Wall Balls
50 Kettle Bells Swings

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