MAR 23 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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MAR 23 2013

MAR 23 2013

FREE Class today at 11AM – come out and see what CrossFit is all about, no experience needed! Then stay to watch some of MTM’s best tackle the CrossFit Games Open Workout at Noon.

5 Rounds
5 Clean & Jerk (135/95)
10 C2B Pull Ups

Here’s the deal: Most of your quads are wrecked from the WallBalls. This is common for this many wallballs, I might as well have copied and pasted this weeks facebook feed from last year for how identical it looks. But it shouldn’t be.

When we squat we should be sitting back on our heels, pulling our knees back to stand so that we engage our hammies and glutes. In fact there is rarely this much talk of soreness when we do Cindy or some other high-rep squat WOD. Why now? A small part of it is the extra 20/14lbs you squatted each time…but mostly it’s from the shape of the wallball itself. Because the ball is round we can only pull it back so close to our bodies. Think of a front squat with a barbell – the bar practically chokes us we’re trying to get it SO far back – If our stupid neck wasn’t in the way we’d do a back squat.

Why bother going into this now since your quads are already sore?
1.) Next time you do wallballs think about keeping the ball closer! Keep your chest UP! This will help.
2.) Because I’ve programmed today’s WOD to specifically punish bad technique. If you deadlift without pulling your knees all the way back, if you jump early using your quads, if you dip forward and not on your heels, THINGS ARE GONNA GET SPICY.

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