MAR 24 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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MAR 24 2014

MAR 24 2014

Welcome to a brand new week! With The Open drawing to a close there’s tons of exciting stuff happening at MTM over the next 8 weeks. Jerry Wilson currently sits in the Top 20 WORLDWIDE in the Masters 50-54. After The Open the top 200 for each age group will be given 4 additional WODs to complete over a weekend. Those WODs will be done just like The Open and those 4 scores will be added to a 5th score (their finishing spot in The Open) to see who is top 20. Those top 20 will head to California to compete in The CrossFit Games in July.

Consistency = Success

Is that big enough to drive home the point? The number one factor ONLY factor for success is consistent work.

Having run MTM for nearly 3 years I’ve seen this a lot: An athlete or new member comes in and attends every class for 2-3 weeks. Then they disappear. A couple weeks later they resurface, either at MTM or a different gym, with the same common complaint “CrossFit doesn’t really work for me.”

As a coach this can be very frustrating. Why? Because they haven’t really done CrossFit. A couple of weeks of work simply isn’t going to cut it. No, you didn’t build so much muscle in 2 weeks of beginner’s classes that you’re getting “bulky”. You simply don’t have enough experience to even know what you are talking about. Your experience is in getting out of shape.

In most cases people have spent YEARS letting their bodies go. Sometimes it’s their fault, sometimes it’s just circumstance but it always takes years. No one ate a pizza on Sunday and woke up 50lbs overweight on Monday. It takes times and consistency to get out of shape.

The same is true in reverse: It takes TIME and CONSISTENCY to reverse your bad habits and get fit. It might take YEARS of work. I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear. We all, including me, wish there was an easy way. A painless way that was also instant and cheap.

There isn’t. Sorry.

In Seth Godin’s book The Dip he looks at companies that stalled out for a bit and by pushing through that Dip became industry leaders. How did they push through? By being excellent at what they do.

Ask yourself: “How can you be excellent at CrossFit?” “Are you really giving it your all?” If you’re not, that’s fine. But realize that your results will be slower going. Realize that it will be harder to get through your own personal Dip. Realize that habit and consistency are the only ways to conquer your current situation.

All we can ask as coaches is that you come in and give an honest effort, do what you can, on a consistent basis. If you do that you will succeed.

5×5 Back Squat 70%

Double Unders (x2 – 40-30-20 Reps)
Lunge Steps (total)

Intermediate WOD
5×5 Back Squat – Moderate Weight for Form and Technique

Shouler to Overhead (95/65)
Single Jump Rope (x2 40-30-20 Reps)
Lunge Steps

Comp Work
1RM Thruster (Can Power Clean, set feet, then Thruster)

7 Burpees

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