Mar 25 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 25 2013

Mar 25 2013

A brand new week is upon us. April beginner’s classes start next Monday at 7AM or 6:30PM.

The CrossFit Games Open is now more than half way done and I’ve got to say I absolutely LOVE this sport. Sometimes we can get pretty wrapped up in how much our quads hurt or how many more muscle ups or double unders we wanted. We can get disillusioned about our chances to advance. Currently it’s going to be a struggle for us to qualify a team – we’re sitting 47th so we’ll need some outstanding performances in the final two WODs – and Jerry needs to crush the final two WODs to improve his 22nd place in the Masters.

It can seem a little daunting and can distract from the true fun of the Open.

Consider this: You’ve done the same workouts as the best in the world. Just about everyone is only a year or even less in CrossFit. Sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes we’re on top of the world and the next moment we’re down in the dumps. Every WOD, EVERY REP, you’re learning. Getting better. Pushing yourself and your abilities further than you ever have before.

We as a gym are better today than when we started The Open. Next Monday we’ll be better than we are today.

Finally, Look forward a bit cause this season is going to be EPIC! Froning, Salo, and Bridges are on top of the Men’s Leaderboard. Most of you probably aren’t aware of the back story. Froning has won the last 2 years. Salo won in 2009 which is still regarded as the hardest games ever and has been out of the Games for the last 2 years with injury. Bridges, an active duty navy seal, was 2nd two years ago then took last year off while deployed and injured. Bridges did each Open WOD last year but didn’t submit an official score – unofficially he would have beat Froning. Scott Panchik, from Mount Union, sits 4th worldwide.

This year is just going to be amazing.

5×3 Snatch Hi-pull (105-115% of 1RM)

– The Snatch Hi-Pull is similar to the Snatch Pulls we did last week but this week we’ll be exploding and finishing with the bar at our chest.

7 Rounds
3 Cleans (205/135)

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